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Cookie Policy


Rain By Lund uses cookies. We use it in order to recognize your device when you visit the website again. Cookies are used as reliable files. It can’t execute program code, submit virus and collect information when you use your computer.

Use of cookies

Why use of Cookies benefits us? Rain By Lund use for overall purposes of functionality, web statistics, sales and marketing.
We will not save personal information, and when shutting down your browser the cookies will automatically be deleted.

Use of Google Analytics is to collect web statistics. Our main purpose here is to measure and enhance user experience. We are also able to follow up on sales and marketing campaigns with use of Cookies.

Wish to avoid cookies

If you wish to not accept the cookies, you can reject it by changing the appropriate settings in your browser. Go to settings depends on the given browser. If you wish to not allow Cookies, please be aware you don’t accept cookies it might affect your purchase experience.

UPDATED September 14. 2020.